The groups who have successfully completed the 90 days Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Training during the Financial Year 2016-17, have already availed a total loan (in the form of overdraft) of 12.83 lakhs from their Banks and earned more than 17.82 lakhs from their business in a span of 11 months (From April’17 to February’18), which shows an encouraging 139% ROI (Return on Investment) during this period. The OTA provided by the State Government, acted as a guaranty for the loan that the Group availed from the banks for their projects. The groups have also reached to around 4300 people with their business during this period. Some of the group activities are as follows:



Name of the Group

Over Draft Availed (Rs)


Total Income in 11 months (Apr-17 to Feb-18)

Purba Medinipur


Sahid Khudiram Krishak Swa-sahayak Dal

Rs 167000.00

Marketing of fish, Marketing of betel leaf

Rs. 4,86,200.00


Vidyasagar Swanirbhar Gosthi

Rs 110000.00

Marketing of Flower

Rs. 3,09,800.00



Netaji Krishi Bikash Dal

Rs 50000.00

Marketing ofLocal Vegetables and Gobingovog paddy

Rs. 1,75,000.00


Chhatna Agro Farmers Group


Marketing ofLocal Vegetables

Rs. 1,41,000.00



Krishak Bandhu Swanirvar Dal


Fruits and Vegetable marketing

Rs. 2,28,950.00


Rupantar Swanirvar Dal

Rs 200000.00

Fruits and Vegetable marketing, Fish Marketing

Rs. 1,44,000.00

Paschim Medinipur


Maa Sabitri Yuba Swa-Nirvar Gosthi

Rs. 1,60,000.00

Procurement and Marketing of vegetables, Fish Marketing

Rs. 2,01,000.00


Maa Kanak Durga Swa-Nirbhar Gosthi

Rs. 30,000.00

Procurement and Marketing of vegetables, Rearing and marketing of broiler

Rs. 71,000.00

Apart from this, 13 trainees from the Binpur and Daspur (Jangal-Mahal blocks) of Jhargram and Paschim Medinipur are actively working in the procurement hub of Sufal Bangla PMU at Singur Tapasi Malik Krishak Bazar since 2014. They are continuously staying at the Singur Krishak Bazar for the last 3.5 years and helping smooth operation of the hub.

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1 Success Stories of Sri Dipankar Jana Of Sagar Block Of South 24 Parganas .
2 Success Stories of Sri Chiranjit Bhattacharya Of Memari Block Of East Burdwan.
3 Success Stories of Sri Partha Biswas Of Bongaon Block Of North 24 Parganas .
4 Success Stories of Sri Ashish Kapat Of Pathor Pratima Block Of South 24 Parganas.

Trainees Undergone Training on “Market-led production, post-harvest management, value addition and direct marketing of produces, aiming at achieving maximum share in consumers’ price and development of entrepreneurship & marketing chain” in Different Financial Years who are now Successfully Engaged in Several Post Training Activities

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