Financial Year 2014-15: In the financial year 2014-15, same training program for the young members of the Small and Marginal Farm Families is being conducted by NSTIAM in much larger format. Duration of training program was same, but, proposed number of candidates has been increased to 100 from 16 last year. Two batches of trainees (25 in each batch) completed training simultaneously. In this financial year, another component called as Field / Application Training has been added apart from the Theory and Practical Classes conducted last year. During Field/application time, the trainees are visiting to their own villages where they are trying to apply and implement the learning of during their training in their own field condition. Additionally they are provided with a stipend per month to mitigate the financial hardship that might be faced by his /her family during the training period.

Specialized training provider was selected through inviting Expression of Interest by WBSMB, who took care of the following components of the training.

Each batch is providing training based on the above mentioned 3 fields for a duration of one week each, i.e. after one week?s theoretical classes, they are moving for practical classes for one week and after that, they are moving to their

own field for a period of one week for Application classes and once that is over they are again joining to the theoretical classes in the next week and is going on this way till the end of the program.

The program of the two batched has been scheduled in such a way that when one batch is attending theoretical classes, another is attending practical classes.

Total 96 candidates from Bongaon & Deganga blocks of 24 Parganas (N) and Sagar & Patharpratima blocks of 24 Parganas (S) successfully completed training.

Total 49.03153 lakh was utilized from State Budget in the financial year 2014-15 for this training purpose.